Hosted Exchange Setup for Microsoft Entourage 2008


From inside Entourage 2008, Click on Tools, then select Accounts. Click on the down arrow next to New, then click Exchange. Click on Configure account manually

Entourage 2008 1

Account Name: Enter a Title, such as BRI Exchange Mail

Personal Information:
 First and Last Name
Email Address: Primary Email Address

Server Information:
Account ID:  Specify this as your downlevel username. You must obtain this from your Hosted Exchange control panel, or request this from BRI Support.
Domain: MAIL
Password: Password for your account

Exchange Server:

This DAV service requires a secure connection (SSL) — Check
Override default DAV port: 443 (default) — Unchecked by default

Entourage 2008 2

Now click on Advanced. Fill in “Public Folder Server” with ““. Click “This DAV service requires a secure connection (SSL). Click Ok.

Entourage 2008 3

Click Ok.

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