Configure Droid 2

Operating System: Android
Application Version:
 “domainname” includes your .com, .net, .org or applicable extension, such as “”

  • To obtain the necessary account information for setting up your email on your DROID, go to, select “My Services settings for your mailbox” and login with your email address and password.


  • Click on “Activesync”.


  • Here you will see the username, domain and server settings needed to setup your device.droid-2.pngON YOUR DROID DEVICE:

  • Open Applications tray, select “My Accounts”.droid-3.png
  • Select “Add Account”, you will be at the Set-Up accounts menu with several social network icons.
  • Tap on “Corporate Sync”.droid-4.png
  • Enter the following information (obtained from your Mailbox Manger) to setup your Exchange Account on your device:
    • Domain name\username
    • Email password
    • Use secure server should be checked
    • Primary email address
    • Exchange server address
  • Tap on “Next” to submit settings.  The device will check with the server and verify if successful.droid-5.pngPlease note:
    • You cannot move email into folders from the device
    • You cannot sort or search email.
    • EML files (embedded emails) are not currently supported.