Configure Outlook XP/2003

1. First Open Outlook.

2. Once Outlook is open, click on Tools at the top of your window. From here, click on “E-Mail Accounts”.

3. Make sure “View or change…” is selected, then click on next.

4. Click on “add”. Select POP3, then click next.

5. In the Name box, type in your name.

6. In the Email Address box, type in the email address you are setting up Outlook for.

7. In the username field, type in this email address again. As for password, type in your email account’s password.

8. Now you will need to put in an incoming and outgoing server. Put in for both server types, substituting with the domain on the end of your email address.

9. Now, click on More Settings at the bottom of this screen. On the Outgoing Server tab, make sure “My server requires authentication” is selected, and hit okay.

10. Now hit next and then finish.

Once you click “Send/Receive” at the top of the window, your email will being downloading into Outlook.