CampusWorks from Blue Ridge InternetWorks

A Fully Maintained Wireless Network

At Blue Ridge InternetWorks our technology works. That’s why we created CampusWorks. With CampusWorks we deliver a comprehensive wireless network for colleges, resorts, schools, apartments and hotels including the Boars Head Inn, The Charlottesville Downtown Mall and Sweet Briar College. We can also build a complete wireless network for your office.

“Blue Ridge InternetWorks has been the best wireless company that I have worked with in over 10 years, including dozens of companies in the Washington DC metropolitan area. BRI is the only company that was able to solve my wireless issues 100%. BRI has given me complete satisfaction with my hotel guests… complete peace of mind.”

Michael Moran, Cavalier Inn at UVA

CampusWorks from Blue Ridge InternetWorks – Because it absolutely has to work.

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