We're new in town...

Hi. We're Ting. We've been getting high marks for our efforts to change what people expect of their mobile phone service. Now, we want to change what people expect of their home Internet access as well. Like BRI, we're committed to the open Internet and, with Charlottesville's history of fostering thinkers and leaders, we can't think of a better place to get started.

Pure Speed

"BRI is a tremendous find. When one of our largest clients merged in Charlottesville, we needed a build-out that had to be done yesterday. The BRI team made it happen in record time. The price is fantastic and the circuit was flawlessly delivered." Rick Colyer, CEO Metaphor Incorporated

Before BRI

“The only company that was able to solve my wireless issues 100%. BRI has given me complete satisfaction with my hotel guests… complete peace of mind.” Michael Moran - Cavalier Inn at UVA
Shop Local

Shop Local

“Honestly I like working with people who are straight forward. I called the national players and felt like they were adding toppings to a pizza. With BRI I got a simple hosting solution with customer service people who really understand technology.” 
Graham Anthony - Biovista
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Team Player

“You guys are great. We love you, and you’re worth every penny.”
 Matt Joslyn - Live Arts
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Better Communication

“It's the phone service that is ready set to go with you wherever you go.”
Baylor Fooks - Blue Ridge InternetWorks


“THIS IS AMAZING!!!! I’m thrilled. You are an angel from the heavens sent to bless us.”
Katie Pennock - StayCharlottesville
Because Yellow Cab is open 24/7
Their cars have become hybrid, the dispatch center has embraced enhanced digital technology and their servers are managed and maintained by Blue Ridge InternetWorks.
Rugged Internet Connection
It’s hard to be a top tier college if your Internet service is sluggish. Learning is about free and open communication. That’s why Sweet Briar College turned to Blue Ridge InternetWorks.
Internet Speed - Automotive Power
The car business is all about details. Jim Price Automotive has been managing those details for over 44 years. Blue Ridge InternetWorks manages all the Jim Price servers, routers and switches.

Blue Ridge InternetWorks is highly accredited. View our certifications.